Katy’s Brief Biography

Katy is a Children’s Author. She writes books for the youngest kids that enjoy a bedtime read. Ages 0-3 or 4 or 5 – it’s difficult to say. Every child is different and so are the people that might read to them!

Born in Lincolnshire, Katy came to writing late. She started out adult life as a Lab Technician and Phlebotomist in her local hospital. A phlebotomist is a cross between a nurse and a vampire! She then took her skills with blood and patients to Medical School and qualified as a doctor in 1986.

In 1989 she married and is still with her husband – in fact he’s writing this bio! There was a two year stint living on a sailing yacht in the early 90s, sailing the oceans from the UK via loads of interesting countries and islands to the Caribbean and back again.

After that, growing up and being responsible took hold, and Katy moved back to Lincolnshire, took up doctoring again and was blessed with 2 daughters. Family life took over and sailing slid into the background.

Until recently Katy was a partner in a rural GP practice. Government meddling and the ever increasing box ticking and form filling eventually made the administrative slog outweigh the pleasure of being able to genuinely help people. So, what to do?

The answer was to retire and hope the savings last a little while before the pension eventually kicks in. The new found time gave Katy the opportunity to try her hand at writing and illustrating. However she soon found that the drawing side was a step too far and set about finding an illustrator.

The first book had been on her mind for a while and was inspired by the ages old conundrum – where do those odd socks go? Sock Monsters are not entirely original – so a new angle was needed.

The GBOSM (Great Big ‘Orrible Sock Monster) was born. However, nothing is simple in this life and events overtook Katy and GBOSM is now her second book. More about that later.